Pond Plants

Pond Plants in Arizona and California

Customize Your Garden or Pond with Beautiful Plants

Ponds, gardens, and any other water feature you might have or want can immediately be improved with a beautiful plant. Plants are a simple addition to a water feature that can improve appearances and even provide benefits to aquariums, ponds, water gardens, or other water features that host life. At Desert Spring Water Features, we can find various species of plants to integrate into your water features.

If you have a water wall, our specialists can design a plant at the bottom or in another visible spot on the water feature that compliments your style. Also, in some water features like ponds and gardens, plants are necessary for a water feature to thrive, and we can help find the best plants for you.

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Common Garden Plants

There are many types of gardens, such as a vegetable, herb, or greenhouse garden, and certain outdoor plant types tend to look best with specific garden types. For example, a vegetable garden could use tomatoes or carrots, while an herb garden could grow basil or rosemary. Plus, gardens are not limited to one type of plant—we can design a garden that grows half vegetables and half herbs.

Water gardens have additional options because some plants require more water to grow than a vegetable garden provides. Waterlily plants, lotuses, and papyrus are all examples of common garden plants that grow while either partially submerged in water or by pondside.

While it is true that some plants look better depending on the water feature and your style, our specialists are still able to work with you to design and install plants to bring out the best of your water features.

Benefits for Submerged & Floating Pond Plants

There are two types of plants for ponds: submerged and floating. Despite looking different—submerged plants sit at the bottom of the pond while floating pond plants hover along the surface—both types of plants share the same benefits. For example:

  • Provide shade – The shade provided by plants is beneficial to fish and wildlife, as well as other plants. It allows fish to hide and cools the water temperature during hot seasons.
  • Absorb nutrients – Plants act as a natural filter by absorbing excess nutrients, which helps keep your pond water clear. 
  • Produce oxygen – Through photosynthesis, plants produce oxygen to feed fish, wildlife, and necessary bacteria.
  • Control algae – By limiting sunlight and absorbing nutrients, pond plants also limit algae growth, so you do not need to worry about it as often as you might without plants.

The plants you choose to install in your pond will depend on the aesthetics you desire. There are a lot of species of plants, but our specialists can help narrow down options based on your goal and style.

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