Pond Care and Maintenance

Pond Care and Maintenance in Arizona and California

Our Specialists Can Help with Pond Care

After you have built your dream pond, you may be thinking that pond maintenance is difficult, but it is not if you know what to do. At Desert Springs Water Features, our specialists know the best methods for maintaining your pond to high standards. We take care of all pond maintenance and repairs for you, so you can enjoy your pond without worrying about work.

Pond Care 101

Plants complement a pond well for many reasons, with their attractive appearance as the main benefit. Additionally, they can help keep your water clear and clean through photosynthesis—the oxygen that plants create helps sustain life inside the pond. Not only is oxygen important to sustaining life, but more oxygen can help reduce algae. Thus, not only do plants look great, but they help maintain your pond too! Other pond care can vary from season to season, so the best way to be informed is to call us at 602-783-5006.

Here is a breakdown of what we can do to help maintain your pond during each season.

Summer Pond Maintenance

During the summer season, our specialists will help keep your pond clear by testing the water and taking the necessary steps to fix or improve aspects of the pond. We will test for:

  • Bacteria
  • Nitrate
  • Phosphorus
  • pH
  • Alkaline
  • And more 

Water quality depends on these tests because some chemicals or nutrients must maintain a healthy level without reducing or gaining too much. On the other hand, our specialists need to reduce other things we test for, such as bacteria, as much as possible.

Another basic service our pond specialists will do is prune plants. Not only will pruning improve plant health, but we can prevent potential disease control growth. That way, the plant does not grow too big or spread out to areas where you do not want the plant to grow.

Fall Pond Maintenance

During the fall season, our specialists simply need to ensure all parts of your pond work efficiently and that there are no problems. We will clean and fix your filters and pumps, as well as the heater. We need the heater to be functional for colder temperatures to protect pond life, especially with winter right around the corner.

It is also a good idea to aerate the water to keep oxygen at an acceptable level to continue sustaining plants and fish. Finally, debris like leaves and branches are likely to fall into your pond more often during the Fall season, so we will help clean everything up.

Winter Pond Maintenance

Winter is tough on ponds, but routine maintenance can make life much easier. The main goal for Winter servicing is ensuring the heater and other parts, such as pumps and filtration systems, do not freeze. Let our specialists take care of that, and you will not have to worry about much else for the season.

Spring Pond Maintenance

When Spring comes, plants liven up and bloom, animals come out of shelters, and the atmosphere changes. All these factors introduce more reasons to not only clean your filter but to clean your entire pond. Our specialists can take care of the process for you, from beginning with draining your pond to end with refilling it.

After we wash the pond, there are a few more maintenance jobs we perform throughout the season:

  • Maintaining lighting – If you equipped your water feature with custom lighting, we will ensure the bulb and electrical circuits work properly.
  • Plant trimming – As mentioned, plants liven up and bloom during Spring, but we can keep them under control so that they do not spread into unwanted areas.
  • Algae-control – Although plants and aeration help control it, algae is sometimes too persistent; if it continues to grow, we will continue to tackle it.

Learn more about our pond maintenance services in Arizona and California, call 602-783-5006 or click here to contact us online for a free estimate!