Custom Fountains

Custom Fountains in Arizona and California

Beautiful Fountains to Elevate Your Home and Business

Custom fountains are a versatile water feature that can elevate many rooms and exteriors. Design an indoor fountain for your lobby and impress customers; design a stone garden fountain and improve a common vegetable garden. Fountains are also one of the easiest water features to service, they have a simple job and are often hardy. So, with outdoor fountains that struggle against the weather, the water features can last a long time.

At Desert Springs Water Features, our specialists can design and install indoor and outdoor fountains for your residential or business building. Whether you want us to install a custom fountain in your living room, lobby, garden, or all the above, we can help.

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Indoor Fountains

We can install your custom fountain in any room of your home. If you are still deciding on the location, some of the best spots include rooms where guests often walk by, such as the living room and dining room. That way, not only do you get to experience your water feature, but you can show it off as well. For businesses, your indoor fountain will look great in a waiting room, lobby, or entrance. People will see it right away and be impressed.

Offices are another great location for an indoor fountain because of the aesthetics the water feature provides; hearing the subtle water can promote a calm, atmospheric effect to help keep your mind relaxed and focused during stressful work hours, or help you unwind after a long day.

Outdoor Fountains

When it comes to large outdoor fountains, you can install them anywhere and the water feature will look great. Be it by the front door, in a garden, or by a gazebo if you have one. Small fountains are versatile as well, improving the aesthetics of a garden or patio. When you, a guest, a customer, or anyone else walks by, he or she will always be impressed by the outdoor fountain designed by you and our specialists.

Stone Garden Fountains

Fountains are also a great way to improve a garden, whether the fountain is positioned in the middle of your foliage or on a sidewalk. Garden fountains have more benefits than looking beautiful as well. For example:

  • They add a calm atmosphere from the sound of water flowing through the levels of water basins.
  • They can attract peaceful wildlife like birds to make your garden feel even more alive.
  • They even improve curb appeal and the attractiveness of your residential or commercial building from the street.

Whether you are interested in a custom indoor, outdoor, or garden fountain, our specialists are here to help. We are experts in designing and installing water features, as well as in maintaining them, so you can trust us to get the job done right.

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