Service Plans

Service Plans in Arizona and California

Recondition Ponds, Water Features, Aquariums, Water Care Systems & More

Once you have your perfect water features, our specialists at Desert Springs Water Features can provide many service plans to maintain them—we can visit daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Whether you are interested in our daily or yearly servicing plans, it is important to keep water features cared for, which we are more than happy to help with. For example:

  • Servicing ponds allows the surrounding wildlife to flourish.
  • Cleaning aquariums allows the fish to live healthily.
  • Maintaining fountains allows all parts, including pumps and filtration, to work efficiently.

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Many maintenance jobs are simple, but Desert Springs Water Features is also here to help. That is why we offer our routine service plans—you can focus on your work or spending time with your friends and family while we take care of your beautiful, custom water features!

Here are a few examples of what our specialists can do for you.


Desert Springs Water Features can preserve the clear water of your pond by maintaining important parts, such as filters and plants, while keeping your pond algae-free. Also, by removing debris and preventing freezing, we can keep all pond life healthy. Your pond may also suffer cracks, leaks, or damaged parts that our specialists can easily fix.

Water Walls

Water walls provide a beautiful accessory to your home or business, and our specialists can keep the water feature looking elegant. If a part malfunctions or you notice leaks, we are always a call away to help with the problem.


Waterfalls provide a great way to improve a pond or water garden, and maintenance is luckily straight-forward. With a service plan, our specialists can ensure your waterfalls are always running when they need to and prevent possible break downs.

Water Gardens

Water gardens are a unique type of garden combining lush and floral plants with clear water that the plants grow well in. Our specialists will tend to plants, so the plants remain healthy while we control their growth. That way, your water garden’s foliage continues looking great.


Cleaning the aquarium is the first and most basic step to maintaining a beautiful water feature. Plus, hiring our specialists to take care of your aquarium not only means it looks good, but the life inside the aquarium thrives.

Equally as important as cleaning the aquarium is fixing any malfunctioning equipment. Filters, lights, thermometers, pumps, and filtration systems all need to work properly for optimal aquarium water care.


By opting for one of our professional service plans, we can ensure all parts of the fountain, including the tubing and water pump, work efficiently, and the water reservoir and exterior look pristine. This will keep your outdoor fountains lasting longer and prevent unpleasantries, such as indoor water fountain smells.

Koi Fish

Our specialist will ensure your fish are fit, energetic, and healthy on a routine basis. When it comes to owning koi fish, your pond is also going to need plants for various benefits like better water filtration. Plus, they look great, too!

These are just a few examples of the water features we can design and install for you—check out more water features here.

With our service plans, our specialist will perform maintenance on your pond, koi fish, and plants depending on the season. You can enjoy your custom designed and installed pond, as well as any other water features you designed with us, and leave the rest to Desert Springs Water Features specialists.

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