Custom Filtration

Water Feature Filtration in Arizona and California

Residential and Commercial Water Feature Filtration Systems

When it comes to water features, one of the most important pieces is the filtration system—these systems run in the background to keep the water clean and clear, which is especially important if you have plants or fish. At Desert Spring Water Features, we can build and install a custom filtration system for your water features to ensure they maintain their pristine look for as long as possible.

While a filtration system may not be as pretty as the water feature it supports, filtration is necessary for many features. Let us build a custom filtration system to pair with your custom water features—call 602-783-5006 for a free estimate with a specialist today!

Importance of Filtration Systems

Good filtration for water feature systems is important whether you have live plants and fish in a pond or a water wall in your lobby. Here are some of the important jobs a filtration system does:

  • Remove debris and waste – Fish and other animals sometimes leave leftover food or waste in a pond or aquarium; plus, organic material could reside in a fountain or water wall.
  • Clean water – All water features need to be able to filter certain chemicals or material to produce clean and clear water.
  • Break down chemicals – Some chemicals like ammonia can be broken down into beneficial materials like nitrite, which can be absorbed into plants.

All these benefits are important regardless of the type of water feature you have, and a custom filtration system designed by our specialists is great for both homes and businesses. Thus, a good filtration system can keep debris out of fountains, the water in a waterfall clear, and the plants in a water garden healthy by turning harmful chemicals into healthy food.

Some water features, such as ponds or water gardens, also receive additional benefits to a good filtration system.

Water Garden and Pond Water Filters

Proper filtration is important for water features that host life. In addition to helping your water features look good by removing debris, cleaning water, and breaking down chemicals, a good filtration system also maintains plant and fish health. Plus, live plants and fish introduce new changes to your water that require different filtration than if your water feature was not hosting life. For example:

  • Water features with fish need more emphasis on lowering bacteria to maintain fish health.
  • Filters must be able to clear excess food and waste to keep the water feature clean.
  • UV filters are best for decreasing pollutants and algae.
  • If you have a custom waterfall feature connected to a pond with fish, a waterfall filter can help aerate the water.

These benefits are the same regardless of water feature if the feature has fish; we will match you with the best aquarium filter for a large tank and the best mini fish tank filter.

Ready to install a custom filtration system for your water features? Call our specialists at 602-783-5006 or click here to contact us online for a free estimate!