Custom Aquariums

Custom Aquariums in Arizona and California

Aquarium Designs in Any Size and Any Shape

Aquariums are excellent water features that can improve the look and mood of a room. Also, a well-designed aquarium can help attract customers and make them feel comfortable by improving your lobby or store’s atmosphere. At Desert Spring Water Features, we can design and install a customized aquarium with you. If you need inspiration, here is some basic information regarding aquariums:

  • Sizes – Your aquarium can be as large as you want it to be, ranging from a small tank of 2.5 gallons to an enormous 200+ gallons.
  • Locations – Whether the aquarium is for your home or business, this water feature looks great anywhere, even outside.
  • Salt vs Fresh – Choosing between saltwater and freshwater in your tank heavily influences what types of fish, plant, and filtration systems we will install into the aquarium, which provides even more customization options.

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Décor and Accessories

The best way to customize your aquarium to fit your style is with modern fish tank décor. There is a vast selection of accessories you can choose from depending on the desired style. If you like pirates, we can help you design an aquarium with shipwrecks, treasure chests, and a black flag. If you simply want minimal accessories to maintain the focus on your fish, we can help you design a series of specific plants to best showcase your fish. Let us know what décor and accessories you are interested in, and we will customize your aquarium to fit the style. Check out some general options:

  • Ornaments such as shipwrecks, treasure chests, and volcanos
  • Artificial or live plants
  • Decorative rocks
  • Backgrounds

Let us know if you want more information regarding the above accessories or would like additional information. Our specialists are here to help.

Aquarium Maintenance Service

With Desert Springs Water Features, aquarium maintenance is simple and easy. Our specialists will maintain aquarium water care and repair any malfunctioning equipment. A few examples of what we do include:

  • Green or cloudy water – This is typically a side-effect of another problem; perhaps the filter is broken, or the water’s pH levels are abnormal. Regardless of the problem, our specialists know how to identify and fix it.
  • Worms – You can sometimes see small worms inside the filtration system, vacuum, or gravel at the bottom of your aquarium. How the worms infiltrated the tank varies on the type of worm, but we can remove them and ensure the worms do not return.
  • Algae – Algae tends to form from poor environmental conditions, such as too much light or not enough carbon dioxide. Cleaning algae is straight-forward and easy, but our specialists can help reduce the chances of algae growing in the future.
  • Unhealthy fish – There are many diseases your fish could catch naturally, as well as a side-effect of other problems. We will treat any diseases and find the root-cause to maintain your fish’s health.

Just because maintenance takes a bit of work does not mean that you need to worry about it—let us handle it so you can simply enjoy your water feature.

Design your custom aquariums with our specialists in Arizona and California; call 602-783-5006 or click here to contact us online for a free estimate!