Custom Accessories and LED Lighting

Custom Water Feature Accessories in Arizona and California

Custom Accessories to Elevate Water Features

If you have a water feature that you want to take to the next level, there are many accessory options for fountains, ponds, water walls, and more. Custom accessories are especially great for old water features that need an update, or even new water features that still look plain. At Desert Spring Water Features, we can design and install much more than only water features, we also provide you with custom accessories, such as plants and LED lighting. A few examples of water feature accessories include:

  • LED Lighting
  • Plants
  • Rocks
  • Sculptures
  • Fencing
  • And more

You can also mix-and-match any number of these to find your ideal water feature—spruce up a pond with LED lighting, plants, rocks, sculptures, and fencing all at the same time. We promise we can make it look great.

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LED Lighting

Well-designed LED lighting can take any water feature to the next level. Ask our specialists about fountain lights, pond lights, or any other kind of LED fixture and we will help design and install accessories to fit your style. Lighting is a great way to bring focus to a water feature, such as lights around a fountain or water wall. For large water features like ponds, lights can draw attention to specific spots such as decorative rocks or sculptures.

Our LED lights are energy-efficient, so you do not need to worry about high electric bills. Plus, they are durable; LED lighting will last for months before we need to replace the bulb. Finally, we can set the lighting to illuminate at a routine time, and you can easily turn them all on or off with a simple switch.

Pond Accessories

Ponds provide a wealth of opportunity for further customization—for example, there are a lot of plant species you could introduce, from reed to water hyacinths. Water lotuses pair fantastically with koi fish. Rocks are an underrated accessory as well, but with our expert’s design, we can match a great shape, color, and size with a strategic spot in your pond.

If you are interested in an accessory that stands out more, you can consider a sculpture. Whether in the pond or next to it, a sculpture can draw a lot of attention to your water feature. Finally, fencing around a pond can provide both an aesthetic and safety feature.

Easy Repairs for Accessories

Our specialists are here to help 24/7, so if an LED bulb breaks or you need a new water wall part, we can help as soon as possible.While water features designed by us are durable, some parts are bound to break down eventually, especially if the water feature is outside in the weather and elements. But you should not need to worry about that—leave the maintenance to us so you can enjoy your water feature worry-free.

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